The London Telefilmonic Orchestra was founded in 1994 by Levine Andrade. He left the Arditti String Quartet and realised his new ambition of setting up his own orchestra to fill a growing need in the world of commercial music.

This was a progression from his days in the quartet, as he was able to continue to stay in touch with the cutting edge composers of the day. His dedication and energy, and his love and expertise of the Artform in the Advertising and Film World, has led to an unfailing quest to seek the best musicians available who have a similar desire, passion and direction. The players are without doubt of the highest calibre available.

The string, woodwind and brass players are either leaders of the sections of the major London Orchestras or are very respected chamber musicians of the utmost musical integrity. Many also have flourishing international solo careers. This, coupled with British Musicians' renowned reputation for the speed at which they can sight-read, allows for extra time for clients to be able to express their needs musically.

The Jazz and Big Band musicians are a mixture of dynamic young players and seasoned legends who have played with most of the top names in the entertainment industry. In addition to these genres, the LTO also has an unequalled pool of players who are specialists in instruments of ethnic origin, and can also provide some of the finest baroque instrumentalists.

All the musicians in the LTO take a great personal and collective pride in their work. This is why they provide such an acclaimed and unrivalled service, and why London is such a thriving musical centre. Our clients have been unfailingly delighted with the unique true professionalism and total support they have been shown.

The climate for a session musician is indeed an exciting one at present. It seems that the value of using a large orchestra has come into its own again, and is vastly appreciated by clients because the live sound of any individual instrument is far superior to the synthesised version.

We have a diverse range of world-wide clients who enjoy working with the LTO. One of the many advantages of coming to London, is that you will be able to acquire the rights to performances for Adverts and Films at a very competitive rate.

The Orchestra looks forward to working with you. We can assure you that you will be delighted with the results.